The Case of the Sisters from Somewhere

1:56 AM at 1:56 AM

Genre: Yuri, Full Colored

Too bad its short I'm in love with the art in this one

Download: Here


Anonymous said...

This one was really superb. Too bad it was so damn short. Would've liked to see the onee-chan get some "service" too ;)

ZhakuRo said...

Why not add some chatbox so we can chat about something here haha XD I'm just saying~

Btw, the blogger is gal or guy?? I'm just curious to know hehe ^^

Shurei said...

Oh um I'm a girl :]

I might add a chatbox here :D

ZhakuRo said...

:o yesh!! I've got new friend here lol

Since I'm an anti-yaoi -_-...hahaha XD

Thanks for all the mangas~ haha i stumbled ur blog few days ago~

Shurei said...

lols same here xD
not really a fan of yaoi

Anonymous said...

how do you read this since mediafile or mediafire said its invalid i cant download it. do yoy know why can you give me another link for the english yuri doujoin
really appreciated it

Anonymous said...

urgh.. link is invalid. can you upload to another link?
Thank u

Lord said...

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