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Description: On the first day of high school at Kamizono Academy, four girls meet each other while lost on the huge campus, and form a friendship. This story follows the daily school life of the four girls and their eclectic classmates.

Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life

Episodes: 3 (Ongoing)
File Format: Avi.
Group: Static-Subbs (SS)
Host: Megaupload
Size: 230mb+

Episode 01
Episode 02
Episode 03
Episode 04
Episode 05
Episode 06
Episode 07


Anonymous said...

great site keep up the good work!
and could you also upload Penguin Musume Heart? thanks

Shurei said...

thanks :)
okee i'll get right at that

Shurei said...

Links Fixed and Updated :]

Shurei said...

Added Episode 6 & 7 of Hyakko