Shoujo Sect OVA

10:01 PM at 10:01 PM

Description: Shinobu keeps having dreams about a girl that she fell in love with a long time ago. Unfortunately, that was all in the past and should remain there. Shinobu tries to forget about it, but it still comes back to her. Moreover, that girl is...

Genre: Yuri, Romance

Episodes: 3 (Completed)
File Format: Mkv.
Group: Killer-Maid
Host: Megaupload
Size: 230mb+

Episode 01
Episode 02
Episode 03


Anonymous said...

I heard episode 3 is out, I can't wait for the subbed one.

Nice upload =)

Typhoon said...

same here

Shurei said...

Added Shoujo Sect Ep3 :]

Fred said...

man i liked the manga wayy better